Calligraphy works

calligraphyAll calligraphy works are written with a reed or steel pen and over the selected surfaces (Scheler hammer, parchment, linen, silk, wood panels decorated by acrylic colors) with the high quality inks. Toning of surfaces is performed using the traditional techniques. In particular, as a part of Serbian identity, the Cyrillic script is frequent (constitution and script, the traditional scripts of the 15th and 16th centuries), but other scripts are not ignored, especially if the tasks are bilingual.

The text on a personal preference (poem, quote, etc.) can be made using any of the techniques we offer. Price is negotiable.

Family tree

      The family tree is done according to the data given by a customer, it may be illustrated with a family's patron saint, icon of a saint of the parish church, an illustration of the church or with a place of birth of a customer.

Price depends on the amount of data and information, illustrations and substrates on which the tree is going to be illustrated etc.