Radionica Iskrica

logo radionice iskrice"Radionica Iskrica" is an art and traditional crafts workshop founded by Jovanka Sorgic (1959) which has been engaged in calligraphy, icon painting, weaving and painting on silk and glass for many years.

The main purpose of "Sparklet Workshop" is to rescue the traditional crafts from oblivion and bring them closer to a wider range of antiques lovers at home and abroad.

We are involved in production, processing and embellishment of everyday objects with details of calligraphy, handmade and transcription of books, creating invitations, greeting cards, letters of thanks, diplomas, woven items and a variety of clothing and everyday objects made of silk and other natural materials, decorated in the traditional way.

Features of various crafts are skillfully included in the objects made in this workshop.

We perform the icon-painting on linden panel by the darning egg tjovanka_sorgicechnology, and our icons are gilded with 23 K and 24 K gold leaves.

The workshop is certified by the Ministry of Finance and Industry.

All items possess an open hand symbol, the international sign of handmade products.