Everyday objects

Everyday objects are mainly made of wood, paper, glass, leather or canvas. Processed by traditional techniques and scripts on them are written in calligraphic letters.

Prices shown below the photos are valid only for those particular items.

Objects and illustrations on them can be ordered on a personal preference.



suvSouvenirs are made ​​of paper then impregnated which gives an impression as they are made ​​of leather. Mostly they are handmade and have a magnet on the back.

If you wish, souvenirs can contain your personal details, city names, names or brief quotations. In addition to the souvenirs with magnets, the souvenirs made using the combined technique, framed or glazed are currently popular.

All souvenirs are protected by the Intellectual Property Office under the name Collection "Buildings, scripts and names of Serbia 01."



Weaving is one of the oldest crafts. Long time ago all textiles that a family needed were made manually. Due to the industrial development, the weaving in its original form disappeared and recently emerging as a branch of applied arts.


Painting on silk

Painting on silk is an ancient art which, thanks to the unflagging interest of the people, has been around for thousands of years. The technique of painting on silk is very demanding and encourages the creativity and uniqueness in the artist and each painted item has a story.


Painting on glass

This technique is old as a glass. People have always had the urge to decorate crafted items. Glass always was extremely convenient, although the technique of painting on glass is very demanding. But everything has its own value and its beauty.